OoT Randomizer v4.0 - Rom Generation

Generation Date 2/25/2019, 7:00:34 AM UTC -- Seed V9MJI9O8TD-9 -- Settings String BBELGASNAAYCGWAASAAETPJLA

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Deku Tree

Dodongo's Cavern

Jabu Jabu

Forest Temple

Fire Temple

Water Temple

Spirit Temple

Shadow Temple

Bottom of the Well

Ice Cavern

Gerudo Training Grounds

Ganon's Castle


Kokiri Sword Chest Bomb Bag
Links Pocket Spirit Medallion
Mido Chest Top Left Slingshot
Mido Chest Bottom Right Bottle with Green Potion
Kokiri Shop Item 1 Buy Deku Shield [Costs 40 Rupees]
Kokiri Shop Item 4 Buy Deku Stick (1) [Costs 10 Rupees]
GS Kokiri Bean Patch Gold Skulltula Token
GS Lost Woods Bean Patch Near Bridge Gold Skulltula Token
GS Lost Woods Bean Patch Near Stage Gold Skulltula Token
Wolfos Grotto Chest Kokiri Sword
GS Kokiri Know It All House Gold Skulltula Token
Gift from Saria Ocarina
GS Lake Hylia Bean Patch Gold Skulltula Token
GS Lake Hylia Small Island Gold Skulltula Token
Gerudo Valley Crate Freestanding PoH Bow
GS Gerudo Valley Bean Patch Gold Skulltula Token
GS Hyrule Castle Tree Gold Skulltula Token
Zeldas Letter Zeldas Letter
GS Castle Market Guard House Gold Skulltula Token
Child Shooting Gallery Zora Tunic
GS Kakariko House Under Construction Gold Skulltula Token
Death Mountain Bombable Chest Iron Boots
DM Trail Freestanding PoH Stone of Agony
DM Crater Wall Freestanding PoH Progressive Scale
Lon Lon Tower Freestanding PoH Mirror Shield
Remote Southern Grotto Chest Progressive Strength Upgrade
Ocarina Memory Game Magic Meter
Song from Saria Song of Time
10 Gold Skulltula Reward Progressive Strength Upgrade
Song from Malon Zeldas Lullaby
Master Sword Pedestal Master Sword
Song from Composer Grave Eponas Song
Goron City Pot Freestanding PoH Lens of Truth
Song at Windmill Sarias Song
Dampe Race Freestanding PoH Progressive Scale
Epona Epona
Skull Kid Fire Arrows
Diving in the Lab Progressive Strength Upgrade
Gerudo Fortress North F1 Carpenter Small Key (Gerudo Fortress)
Gerudo Fortress North F2 Carpenter Small Key (Gerudo Fortress)
Gerudo Fortress South F1 Carpenter Small Key (Gerudo Fortress)
Gerudo Fortress South F2 Carpenter Small Key (Gerudo Fortress)
10 Big Poes Bottle with Letter
Gerudo Fortress Carpenter Rescue Carpenter Rescue
Gerudo Fortress Membership Card Gerudo Membership Card
Jabu Jabus Belly MQ Entry Side Chest Progressive Hookshot
Sheik in Ice Cavern Song of Storms
Frogs in the Rain Light Arrows
Mountain Storms Grotto Chest Dins Fire
Bottom of the Well MQ Compass Chest Hammer
Water Temple MQ Central Pillar Chest Small Key (Water Temple)
Gerudo Training Grounds MQ Lobby Left Chest Small Key (Gerudo Training Grounds)
Gerudo Training Grounds MQ Maze Path Third Chest Progressive Hookshot
Haunted Wasteland Structure Chest Goron Tunic
Water Temple MQ Boss Key Chest Boss Key (Water Temple)
Morpha Shadow Medallion
Ganons Castle MQ Forest Trial Freestanding Key Boss Key (Ganons Castle)
Ganons Castle Forest Trial Clear Forest Trial Clear
Ganons Castle Fire Trial Clear Fire Trial Clear
Ganons Castle MQ Shadow Trial Second Chest Small Key (Ganons Castle)
Ganons Castle Shadow Trial Clear Shadow Trial Clear
Ganons Castle MQ Spirit Trial First Chest Small Key (Ganons Castle)
Ganons Castle Spirit Trial Clear Spirit Trial Clear
Ganons Castle MQ Light Trial Lullaby Chest Small Key (Ganons Castle)
Ganons Castle Water Trial Clear Water Trial Clear
Ganons Castle Light Trial Clear Light Trial Clear
Ganon Triforce

Required Items

Barren of Treasure

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