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OoTR Downloads

Welcome to the OoTR Download Page. Here you can find the downloads for all available OoTR Release builds since version 1.0.

To follow the active development, check out the official OoTR Github!


  • Download the Windows Executable via the link below.
  • Have Python v3.9+ installed - we recommend installing Python v3.12.2+ from the official Python Download page .
    Make sure to check "Python 3.x to path" at the bottom while installing.
  • Run the downloaded "Ocarina of Time Randomizer Setup x.x.x.exe"
  • Wait for the installation process to finish.
  • OoTR will start automatically. The app has been installed to \AppData\Local\Programs\ootr-electron-gui
  • If you get an infinitely spinning loading circle or an error claiming called 'Can only join an iterable', please ensure to uninstall any previously installed version of OoTR.
  • Download the macOS Executable via the link below.
  • Have Python v3.9+ installed.
  • Run the downloaded "Ocarina of Time Randomizer-x.x.x.dmg"
  • Follow the installation process (Move the Ocarina of Time Randomizer Symbol onto the Applications folder)
  • Run "Ocarina of Time Randomizer" using the Finder or the search.

Due to very limited file permissions in Ubuntu apps, we cannot offer an installer for Linux at this moment. We included a desktop shortcut script to make access easier.

  • Download the Linux bundle via the link below.
  • Have Python v3.9+ installed.
  • Extract the archive "oot-randomizer-vx.x.x.tar.gz" to a directory of your choice.
  • Enter the just created directory via Terminal.
  • Run the desktop shortcut script using ./install-ootr-electron-gui.sh
  • Alternatively, run the randomizer directly using ./oot-randomizer-gui
  • You can remove the desktop shortcut again with the removal script using ./remove-ootr-electron-gui.sh

Latest Stable Offline Build

OoTR v8.1.0

March 19, 2024

OoTR v6.2
November 25, 2021
OoTR v6.0
December 4, 2020
OoTR v5.2
March 19, 2020
OoTR v5.1
September 20, 2019
OoTR v4.0
February 06, 2019

Please note: OoTR v4 was not published with binaries. Use the old Web Generator or get the source on Github!

OoTR v3.0
October 24, 2018
OoTR v2.0
June 23, 2018
OoTR v1.0
May 29, 2018