Ocarina of Time Randomizer - Development Forks

OoTR Development Forks

We are very proud of our very active development community, filled with active and skilled contributors.
Some of them maintain their own custom forks of the randomizer, featuring new cutting edge settings or more specific stuff potentially not suited for the main release.

Below, you find a lost of the most common forks with details about their implementations and links to the generators.

Main Dev - Maintained by ShadowShine57, Cuphat, and the OoTR Dev Team

This is the 'official' development fork. Changes here will make it to the main releases in the future.
While being a development branch, this codebase is considered mostly stable at all times. Changes are made purely on PR basis and reviewed by the dev team before merge.

DevR - Maintained by Roman971

This fork, based on main dev, is filled with additional features and more cutting edge ideas that makes it very popular among the community. For this reason, DevR has become the base for many newer forks (some seen below).
Changes include additional Entrance Randomizer settings (Mixed Pools and Decoupled Entrances), GUI changes, and more cosmetic settings.
See the readme for a full list of changes.

DevRReal - Maintained by RealRob

The branch of added checks and new craziness. This is where potsanity and rupee shuffle originated. Currently, the branch houses two major new settings: silver rupee shuffle and enemy drop shuffle
You can however expect more experiments and added checks in the future.

DevFenhl - Maintained by Fenhl

Based on Dev-R but with silver rupee shuffle, even more options for entrance randomizer, dungeon reward shuffle, new options to disable shuffling some types of items, settings presets for the Standard Anti-Weekly Settings (SAWS), and more.
See the readme for a full list of changes.

DevM - Maintained by mracsys

A bleeding edge testing ground for new features submitted to the main fork. Also includes a handful of other features such as Climb Anywhere and Disable Item Age Checks.
The readme includes links to all currently included PRs and other features.

DevTFBlitz - Maintained by Elagatua

This branch contains Triforce Blitz, a very short and highly competitive game mode. It may host other Blitz game modes in the future.
It features a number of custom hint types and modifications necessary for Triforce Blitz. Additionally, the SGL 2022 settings live within this fork.